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Welcome to Q Candles!

We take great pride in our quality of work as a candle manufacturer, and even more so in that all the creation is made right here in the USA. Everything from the individual wax luminaries, hurricane candles and hollow candles to the multiple designs of custom personalized candle holders are all specially hand made. Our candles and candle holders are the perfect accent to decorate events, restaurants, hotels and lobbies, bars, churches, wineries, spas, weddings, and more! Whether it's a simple round candles, heart shaped candles, square or rectangle candles, you can decorate to whatever style to fit your needs. Our candles are featured and displayed in the USA and around the world in popular movies, TV sitcoms, restaurants, hotels, churches and in international events like the winter Olympic and more.

Q Candles manufactures custom realistic candles, wax luminaries and candle designs not found anywhere else in the world! Each candle is made with extreme attention to detail and finish. Not to mention, each candle is hand-made, so every candle is truly one of a kind. Here at Q Candles, we offer a wide variety of sizes and shapes, from the small 2 inches wide votive up to the 15 inches wide giant candle, and from 2.5 up to to 42 inches tall. Round candles, square candles, rectangle candles, cross-shaped candles and colored candles, just to name a few... not only do you have different options of sizes and shapes, but also the option of using flameless candles, battery operated candles or LED candles as well as our traditional fire lit liquid fuel cells. All Q Candles are made with the absolute finest materials in order to offer you the highest quality products. You will find the same care in a small votive candle, as you will in our tall candles, large candles or giant pillar candles. We are confident that you will find the perfect candle and accessories to make your style unique.

Our flameless candles, battery operated candles or LED candles bring the glow and beauty of a traditional wax candle but provide on going use of our flameless candles. Our LED candles have increasingly become in more demand with event planners, interior designers and business owners. The benefit of value in rechargeable candles or LED candles helps keep budgets in control while providing a unique environment and ambiance that takes your event and venue to the next level!

Q Candles is also proud to offer personalized candles and personalized candle holders. These candle holders are made of different materials, from metal candle holders, iron candle holders to glass candle holders. Having a personalized candle or personalized candle holder is one of the best ways to promote your name and brand in a unique way. Q Candles custom candle holders can be made with almost any design from 3.5 up to 8 inches in diameter and up to 90 inches tall. Whether it is the name of your restaurant on each table or a happy couple's name and wedding date for their special day, these custom personalized candles and holders will bring a memorable addition to your name and brand.

Our organic candles are manufactured of 100% natural and organic materials. Bees-wax candles are 100% hypo-allergenic. Our beeswax are made from pure beeswax with no harmful additives and our soy candles are made with certified organic essential oils. These candles are wonderful to have in your home or business, as they are completely hairless with no chemicals or additives. Studies have shown that soy candles and beeswax candles can be used as aromatherapy and help provide positive energy in any environment. When infused with different essential oils, these glowing soy candles will make you feel relaxed and content.

One of the most efficient options Q Candles offers, are our flame-less candles or battery powered candles, rechargeable candles and electric low volt wired candle systems. These are an economically wise decision when using great quantities of candles. Electric candle systems are the future of hurricane candles and hallow wax luminaries being that they are safe, reliable, and much more cost effective than standard traditional candles. The ability to continually reuse our electric candles and the wired-in display will illuminate a beautiful ambiance with flip of a switch.

We also offer a unique outstanding line of reusable led floating candles in sizes and designs that no other company make, this floating candles size from 3 up to 14 inches in diameter. The extra large sized LED floating candles and wax luminaries are great for outstanding pool decoration and around the pool parties.

Q Candles is a great source to purchase realistic flameless LED candles, wax luminaries, hollow wax candles, personalized and custom metal candle holders and candles accessories in bulk and wholesale prices. If you use candles for decoration in your business or event on a daily basis or for a one-time special event, just make it standout and unique.

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