Electric Hardwired Low Voltage LED Candles System (6 to 11 set)(3″ Wide Square Wax Luminaries Included)


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  • 2.5" or 3" Diameter *

  • Candle Set Expansion *

  • Candle Color *

  • Melted or Flat Top *

  • Candles Height *

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Included in this package are both the electric LED system and six 3 inch wide square hollow wax luminaries in your choice of 3″, 4″, 5.5″, and/or 7″ tall.

The flameless candle system that you can set and forget.

This wired low volt LED Candle system makes it easy to utilize non-traditional spaces for instant ambiance using a standard wall outlet. The LED technology makes the system incredibly energy efficient. No batteries, no charging, just years of simple use. Just set the timer to 8, 12 or 16 hours and this flameless candle system will give you the ambiance you crave at the time that you desire. For custome sizes and shapes contact us.

Candles and Power Pods

  • 6 Candles can be set to flicker or static mode
  • Candles on pods are 1.5” W x 2.625” H
  • Evolution flame color
  • LED lifetime is 120,000 hours
  • Pod has screw type cable connections
  • Pod has system overload/short circuit protection

Power Control Box

  • Mode switch: timer/off/continuous
  • Timer switch: 8 hr, 12 hr and 16 hr
  • 2 output bays, powering 12 candles per bay
  • Can power up to 24 candles using one control box
  • Overload indicator and reset button

 Power Adaptor

  • CE and UL listed
  • In-line overload protection
  • 3.5A output/2A input


  • 25 feet of wire for every 6 candles
  • Wire can be cut to size for desired width between candles


2.5" or 3" diameter

3" diameter, 2.5" diameter

Candle Set Expansion

Set of Six, Set of Seven(+$32.00), Set of Eight(+$64.00), Set of Nine(+$96.00), Set of Ten(+$128.00), Set of Eleven(+$160.00)

Candle Color

White, Ivory, Butterscotch, Custom Colors Contact US

Melted or Flat Top

Flat Top No Drips, Melted Edge with Drips

Candles Height

3", 4", 5.5" Tall (Mix Sizes, price per Candle), 4", 5.5", and 7" Tall (Mix Sizes, price per Candle), 3 Inches Tall Only, 4 Inches Tall Only, 5.5 Inches Tall Only, 7 Inches Tall Only, Custom Sizes Contact US