Hardwired Electric Candle Systems (Holders Included, 12-96 led pack )

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Hardwired LED Candles

The Hardwired candle system that you can set and forget. This hardwired low voltage LED Candle system makes it easy to utilize non-traditional spaces for instant ambiance using a standard wall outlet. The LED technology makes the system incredibly energy efficient. No batteries, no charging, just years of simple use. Just set the timer to 8, 12 or 16 hours and this flameless candle system will give you the ambiance you crave at the time that you desire.      Candles are made by Q Candles inc in the USA

Outdoor WATERPROOF SYSTEMS are Available by special order. (contact us)

System can be ordered with any of our GLASS HOLDERS. (contact us)

System can be ordered with any SIZE, SHAPE and DESIGN of our wax luminaries (contact us)

Hardwired LED Candle system instruction manual

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