Rechargeable Candle System, Commercial Grade Nexis LED up to 36K Hours Battery Lifespan (4″ Diameter Oriental Design Round Wax Luminaries Included)


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Included in this package is both the Rechargeable nexis Candle System and hollow wax luminaries in your choice of sizes. (LEDs are not connected to the hollow wax luminaries, but instead placed inside)

THE MOST ADVANCED COMMERCIAL LED CANDLE SYSTEM AVAILABLE, Advanced wireless technology Holds up to 40 candles – twice as many candles in the same space, AUTO-ON Water-Resistant LED Candles More realistic flicker and authentic glow 26-hr run time in std bright flicker mode 8-hr charge time Smaller size will fit in any holder, smaller than a tealight 1.4″ wide, Candles glow RED when charging GREEN when fully charged, Ergonomic tray handle for one-hand-free table bussing, Magnetic candles & remote secure to tray Enhanced battery protection built into tray, power supply and candles “Quick-Click” connect Magnetic Cord and Power Supply Nexis easy-to-grab, realistic flexible flame tip design When you need more light, High Light mode shines 2X brighter

The Nexis LED Candle System. is the most advanced rechargeable candle system in the world. Nexis was designed from the ground up with the user in mind. Careful attention paid to function, performance and ergonomics sets this ground breaking commercial lighting system apart from the rest.

  • Nexis Candles turn on automatically when lifted from the charging tray – no buttons required. The authentic Candlelight LED color and natural flicker action, make Nexis™ the most realistic looking LED candle available.
  • The charging station also serves as an ergonomic bussing tray for easy candle transport to and from the dining room.
  • The Nexis Magnetic Remote Controls secures conveniently to the top of the charging tray, or to almost any other metal surface. The remote offers four run modes: Flicker, Flicker High Light, Steady and Steady High Light.
  • State-of-the-art wireless charging technology consumes up to 50% less energy than comparable induction charging systems.
  • All Nexis components are RoHS compliant, meeting the latest, most stringent international material standards. Nexis™ is the endorsed by the Green Restaurant Association
  • Safeguards built into the power supply, tray and candles make it virtually impossible to overcharge the Nexis™ Lithium Ion batteries.

Nexis is the future of flameless table lighting.


Nexis Rechargeable 15 to 40 led's

Nexis complete set of 15, Nexis complete set of 20 (+$261.00), Nexis complete set of 25 (+$511.00), Nexis complete set of 30 (+$749.00), Nexis complete set of 35 (+$977.00), Nexis complete set of 40 (+$1,192.00) 

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