Reusable Floating Pool Candles 6″ Diameter (Bulk Discounts)

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Floating Q Candles are the perfect and unique addition to illuminate your pool, pond, or even table decorations/centerpieces. The Q Candles floating candle line ranges from 3”-14” in diameter. You have the option to buy reusable floating candles in unique sizes and styles that you cannot find anywhere else! Q Candles floating wax luminaries bring you the glow and beauty in a reusable form and without the wax drip that can damage the pumps in pools. Q Candles manufactures floating candles in multiple colors and each is hand made with attention to finish and details. We supply and decorate restaurants, hotels, weddings, corporate events, wineries, spas, churches and more all over the world. Q Candles floating wax candles have become more and more popular as event planners and interior designers and their clients look for the next great thing to make their event and space stand out.

Made By Q Candles in the USA.



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Product Code: QFLOL15 Availability: In Stock Category: Tags: , , , , ,