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Enjoy the ambient light provided by our Flameless LED Candles without having to worry about flames or hot wax! Our Rectangle Flameless LED Luminaries come in a large variety of sizes, ranging from 2″ to 21″ wide and 2.5″ to 24″ tall. These Rectangular LED Luminaries measure 20″ by 7″ wide by 12″, 18″ and 24″ tall. Included you will receive your choice of LED per candle.

Q Candles are made in the USA.

For larger sizes or quantities please contact us


Candle Color

White, Ivory, Butterscotch, Custom Colors Contact US

Candles Height

12 Inches Tall Only, 18 Inches Tall Only (+$213.64), 24 Inches Tall Only (+$308.90), Custom Sizes Contact US 

LED Type

50 Hour Battery Life, Ultra Bright Flickering Tea-Lights (LED & battery included), Timer LED 350 Hour Battery Lifespan, Flickering Ultra bright, (+$23.16),  Remote Controlled & Timer, 250 Hour Battery Life, Flickering/Static (+$28.10) 

Product Code: QRF50 Availability: In Stock Category: Tags: , , ,