Flameless Led Candles Timer or Remote Control Sizes 2.5×7 | 2.5×8.5 tall – Bulk Discounts

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Enjoy the ambient light provided by our Flameless Candles without having to worry about flames or hot wax! These Battery Operated Candles come in a large variety of colors and sizes ranging from 2″-15″ in diameter and 3″-44″ tall. These round Flameless Candles measure 2.5″ in diameter by 7″ and/or 8.5″ tall. Included you will receive one ultra-bright battery operated flickering LED per candle.

Q Candles are made in the USA.



Candle Color

White, Ivory, Butterscotch, Custom Colors Contact US (+$6.62 )

Melted or Flat Top

Flat Top No Drips, Melted Edge with Drips

Candles Height

7 Inches Tall Only, 8.5 Inches Tall Only, Custom Sizes Contact US 

LED Type

50 Hour Battery Life, Ultra Bright Flickering Tea-Lights (LED & battery included), Timer LED 350 Hour Battery Lifespan, Flickering Ultra bright, (+$5.63), Remote Controlled & Timer, 250 Hour Battery Life, Flickering/Static (+$6.62)

Product Code: QFWL25 Availability: In Stock Category: Tags: , , ,